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here’s no issue confounding me that won’t be resolved when I find out that all of the Ramones are still alive (surprise!) and finishing a concept album about a teenage Diana Rigg time-travelling to Los Angeles 2019 to tell Rolly Crump that he must design a new Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride for Florida, loosely based on an unpublished Harvey Kurtzman comic book in which Peter Sellers, Capucine and Peter O’Toole chase lions through the back alleys of 1969 London in dune buggies borrowed from the Banana Splits.

As an art school dropout, former WDW “attractions host” and as-yet-unbaptized disciple of both the Doctor and the Medics, everything I’m doing graphically follows right in line with influences that I think are pretty obvious, but not always compelling.  If you happen to like it, by all means please step aboard and be seated.  The safety bar will lower automatically.    

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