How to Renew Your Annual Pass at Walt Disney World โ“

Learn how to renew your Walt Disney World Annual Pass and continue enjoying magical experiences at the parks. Renew up to 60 days before or 30 days after expiration ๐Ÿ“†

How to Renew Your Disney Annual Pass to Keep the Magic Flowing

For devoted Disney fans, having an annual pass provides a year of magical perks and theme park access. But to continue the enchantment, you must renew your Disney annual pass before it expires. This article will provide a complete guide on smoothly renewing your Walt Disney World or Disneyland annual pass.

Checking Your Disneyland Annual Pass Expiration Date

The first step in the Disney pass renewal process is verifying your current pass expiration date. You can find this printed directly on your annual pass card. If your pass is linked to your Disney account, the expiration date also displays in the My Disney Experience app under “Tickets and Passes”.

Knowing your exact expiration date allows you to time your Disney annual pass renewal properly. Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resorts typically allow renewals starting 60 days before your current pass expires. You then have a 30 day grace period after your pass expiration to still renew the pass. So in total, there is an approximate 90 day window for renewal.

Renewal Options for Disney Annual Passes 2023

Disney provides several convenient hassle-free options to renew your annual pass:

Online Renewal – You can securely renew your Disney annual pass online via the Disneyland or Disney World website. Simply login to your Disney account, navigate to “Tickets and Passes” and follow the prompts to renew your pass online.

In-Person Renewal – Visit any Disney theme park ticket window or Guest Relations to renew your annual pass in-person. Knowledgeable cast members will be able to walk you through the entire renewal process.

Phone Renewal – Call the Annual Passholder hotline at (407) 939-7277 for Walt Disney World or (714) 781-7277 for Disneyland Resort. Provide your pass details over the phone and request renewal.

Disney Annual Pass Renewal Costs and Payment

The renewal pricing for Disney annual passes typically comes with a discount of around 10-15% off the cost of a new pass. Current examples of discounted annual pass renewal pricing are:

  • Walt Disney World Annual Pass Renewals: $369 – $1,229
  • Disneyland Magic Key Pass Renewals: $449 – $1,599

You will need to pay the full renewal cost upfront when you renew your Disney annual pass. There are also add-on options you can purchase for an additional fee such as park hopping and Disney PhotoPass downloads.

Completing the Renewal Process for Your Annual Pass

Once you have selected your preferred renewal method, follow the instructions provided by Disney to complete the process. Have your credit card, annual pass ID number, and contact information ready. Triple check that all personal information entered is correct.

Finally, complete your payment and Disney will send you a confirmation email that contains your new annual pass expiration date. Be sure to renew promptly within the 60 day renewal window before your current Disney annual pass expires. This ensures you can maximize the magic with uninterrupted theme park access all year long!

Benefits of Renewing Your Walt Disney World Annual Pass

There are excellent benefits to timely renewal of your Disney annual pass:

  • Uninterrupted Disney Park Access – Renewing ensures no disruption to your Disney theme park visits all year.
  • Renewal Discounts – Pass renewals come with a 10-15% discount off new pass purchases.
  • Retain Passholder Perks – Renew to keep perks like free parking, discounts on dining and merchandise.
  • Flexible Renewal Options – Disney provides online, phone, and in-person renewal options.
  • Avoid Need to Repurchase – Renew instead of having to buy a whole new pass.

Frequently Asked Questions About Disney Annual Pass Renewals

Here are answers to some common Disney annual pass renewal questions:

Can I renew my Disney annual pass before it expires?

Yes, you can renew your Disney annual pass up to 60 days before it expires. Disney actually encourages early renewal to ensure no disruption in your access.

What if my Disney annual pass already expired?

Disney provides a 30 day grace period after your annual pass expiration date to still renew your current pass. Contact Disney Guest Relations for assistance if your pass has been expired for over 30 days.

How much does it cost to renew a Disney annual pass?

Renewal prices are typically 10-15% less than a new pass purchase. Current examples – Walt Disney World renewals range from $369-$1,229 and Disneyland Magic Key renewals range from $449-$1,599.

Does my Disney annual pass automatically renew?

No, Disney annual passes do not automatically renew. Passholders must proactively renew they pass either online, in-person or by phone during the renewal window before it expires.

How often must I visit Disney to make an annual pass worth the cost?

Research shows you need a minimum of 6 theme park visits if you park hop and 9 visits without park hopping to make an annual pass worthwhile over regular ticket media.

By following this guide, you can seamlessly renew your Disney annual pass online, by phone or in-person. Renewing on time will allow you to enjoy uninterrupted magical access to the Disney parks and retain your passholder perks.

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