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Credits & Fair Use

My attempt to document WDW’s early years has benefited from the assistance of many people.  It started with my parents, who first took me to the Magic Kingdom in October 1971, oblivious to their mistake.  Since then, dozens of other generous souls have provided photos, information and recordings that made the process very rewarding.  Most of them are listed below.  Some prefer anonymity and others I can’t mention due to lost e-mails.  
 While I can’t say all of these individuals condone WYW, they did help make it possible.

No one’s encouragement, however, eclipses that of my amazing wife, Amy.  She’ll never be bored enough to read this, but her support was and remains vital.

The proliferation of online resources since WYW came to the internet in 1996 surprised a lot of us as it went from a handful of sites with small photos to countless galleries of high-res images, with links to once-rare audio and video commonplace and torrent files making source-quality park music and crystal clear video downloadable at high speeds.  It’s such a change … in much the same way that people once drove to record stores to find Echo & the Bunnymen imports, Disney collectors once had to rely on more old school techniques when locating old guide books, photos, audio.  I had to create a newsletter in 1989, for example, before I had much success locating pictures of If You Had Wings.  The internet rewrote everything, and even if some people miss the more arduous and rewarding nature of “the hunt,” my guess is that few resist what’s on flickr and mousebits on principle.

All of this makes it difficult to give proper/accurate credit for all media.  If someone sent me a picture of a Swan Boat in 1992, it was a singular moment achieved via the postal service and I’ll pretty much remember their name.  Now, with a spurious electronic discharge of media 24/7, true authorship can be impossible to prove.  In 2007, someone e-mailed me a .jpg file of RCA’s Home of Future Living and in 2008 I saw the same photo on another person’s photobucket account.  I tried to credit the right person but may never know who actually took the picture.  So if an image on WYW is not attributed to someone, it’s generally because it either came from WDW’s own media or because I took the photo myself (photos with widenyourworld.net on them are in the latter category).  Unless this site goes commercial, which ain’t likely, making a sincere effort to properly attribute items will be the approach.

I only ask the same in return.  When people take images or text directly from WYW and reuse them, they usually give credit.  Other times, not.  I always knew anything I posted online would be “out there” forevermore and it’s way past the point where I expect to be asked if something’s okay with me (if you credit WYW, it certainly is ), but I appreciate those people who are really courteous about it.

As for rare art from WDW/WED archives, if someone sends scans with permission to use them, I may do so without using the sender’s name in direct conjunction for the express purpose of protecting the sender (even if they don’t think they need protection!).  I won’t claim authorship of, or watermark, the items but in general I think concept art and visual documentation of ex-attractions should be online for WDW fans to enjoy vs. hiding in file drawers.  If I can help achieve that while also using the images to provide historical context, I will.  Any helpful individuals NOT requesting anonymity, however, will be listed on this page.


Ignacio Alfonzo

Paul F. Anderson

Sonny Anderson

Harry Applegate

Dave Barker, Jr.

Ed Barlow

Buddy Baker

Todd Becker

Reed Bickley

Johnny Blanco

Steve Boutet

Howard Bowers

Robert Boyd

Russell Brower

Steve Burns

Kira Chamberlain

Brandon Champlin

David Collier

Matt Comegys

Pat Connor

German Contreras

Bill Cotter

Spencer Cook

Tom Cook

Michael Cozart

Michael Crawford

Steve Dahlem

Alastair Dallas

Alice & Marc Davis

Rhodes Davis

Gian DiMauro

Jonathan Doucette

Linda & Phil Dowdy

Marty Dunne

Martha J. Earle

Ed Ellers

Dave Ensign

Donna & Ernest Ensign

Ed Film

Stephen M. Fjellman

Michael Flint

Chris Foxx

Donna Freitag

Jan Freitag

Laura Harper

Mike Herman

Kyoko Hikami

Jim Hill

“Miami” Mike Hiscano

Dave & Sandy Hooper

Scott Hoover

Suzanne Jones

Bob & Kathleen Kammerer

Chuck Keeler

Stewart Kennington

Michael Kingsley

Jerry Klatt

David Koenig

Michael Kotler

John Kunzer

Jimmy Layle

Janelle & Brian Lee

Hugh & Vernice Lee

James & Dover Lee

Robert & Shari Lee

Brian Lewis

Peter LeZotte

Mike & Beth Lucas

Marc Marcuse

Randolph B. Mahoney

Greg Maletic

Timothy May

Tony McCarson

Dave McCormick

Christopher McElroy

Dave McFee

Jimmy McKinley

Christopher Merritt

Cathy Moloney

Bill Moore

Jim Moore

Chuck Munson

Kiyomi Nakamura

Lee Nesler

Dale Nora

Frank Nora

Jim Ohrberg

Mitch Orben

Kathryn Overman

Eric Paddon

Ross Plesset

The Presslers

Holly J. Pluard

Mike Prendergast

Tracy Rhodes

Heather Saines

Greg Scott

Bob Shelley

Dave Smith

Martin Smith

Scott Smith

V. Anton Spraul

David Strebler

Michael Sweeney

George Taylor

James Taylor-Goddard

Amy Vandenboogert

Gerald Walker

Larry Warmoth

Debbie Wills

Phil Zeller

Rose Zettler

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